Capital City Rollers (CCR) is Fredericton's only women's flat track roller derby league. The league includes players and coaches from our Spitfires travel team as well as our officials, trainers, and countless volunteers. Founded in Fredericton in 2010, the Capital City Rollers promote the progressive growth and sustainability of women's flat track roller derby as a competitive sport. The Capital City Rollers adhere to the principles, guidelines, and regulations of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). We welcome all individuals interested in roller derby and strive to create a safe and inclusive environment based on the gender policy established by WFTDA.

Roller derby is a high speed full contact game played by women who skate fast and hit hard. Interested in joining us? We have a Learn to Skate program each fall where we train you how to be a roller derby player or referee! Please contact us if you are interested in training to become a player, volunteer, or referee.

Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby



  • Wear starred helmets
  • Score points for their team
  • Lead jammer status is given to the first jammer to emerge through the pack on their initial pass
  • The lead jammer can call off the jam at any time by tapping her hands on her hips


  • At the start of the jam they line up behind in front of Jammers
  • Keep pack formed
  • Either offensive or defensive


  • Wear striped helmuts
  • Set the pace for the pack
  • Check for Jammers that are about to break through the pack
  • Guide the pack to execute plays


  • Keep order on the track
  • There are jammer regs, pack refs, and a head ref who holds authority
  • The jammer refs will signal lead jammer by pointing at her and signal points scored on their fingers
  • Refs call penalties


  • A bout or game is 60 minutes long and divided into two periods
  • A period is divided into multiple jams (Scoring Races)
  • Each jam can last up to 2 minutes
  • Each team is allowed 3 one-minute time-outs per bout


  • Only Jammers can score
  • Points are earned when the Jammer passes each opposing skater
  • Jammers can not score on the first pass through the pack
  • If the Jammer completely laps the opposing Jammer, she earns 1 point


  • 1 short whistle blast starts the jam
  • 2 short whistle blasts signals a jammer has gained lead status
  • 1 long whistle blast signals a penalty
  • 4 short whistle blasts calls off the jam


  • Tripping
  • Cutting the track
  • Blocking from behind
  • Blocking from out of bounds
  • Blocking more than 20ft from the pack
  • Use of elbows, hands, forearms, or head
  • Pushing, grabbing, or holding opposing skaters
  • and then some...

Community Engagement

The Capital City Rollers have always been very active in our community. We "roll" in municipal parades, we show off our skills at Harvest Jazz & Blues, we work security at various local events including River Jam and Winterfest, and we have also participated in Frostival! If you ever need us at one of your events, please let us know!

Junior Roller Derby

While adult roller derby has had a presence in Fredericton for the past 8 years, Junior Roller Derby is just emerging. The Fredericton Junior Roller Derby Association is a separate organization but their coaches and trainers are CCR league members. FJRDA was the first junior roller derby association in NB, founded in 2016 and includes players, coaches, and trainers for the bEAST Coast Brawlers team. Since the FJRDA launched, there has been an explosive growth of junior roller derby in all of the Atlantic Provinces. FJRDA is a gender-inclusive league for skaters aged 8-17. For more information, visit them on Facebook (@frederictonjuniorrollerderby) or at their website